One thing I harp on to anyone who will listen is the danger to the Social Security Trust Fund. You can only imagine how many friends it makes me. Well, I’ve taken my act on the road. Please click the link below to read an Op-Ed contribution on Social Security I recently contributed to The Hill.

One way to address the wealth gap: Stop ‘MacGyvering’ Social Security

Without proper consideration, planned benefit reductions can hurt lower-income workers the most.

Other than Social Security, another one of my passions is good retirement planning. Let me just emphasize once again, people generally steer clear of me in social situations. But, Robert Brokamp at the Motley Fool does a good job of making it interesting. Heck, he was even able to make me sound kind of interesting on the podcast below.

Risky Retirement Business – Motley Fool Answers

The National Retirement Risk Index measures how many Americans will be able to maintain their standard of living after retirement. Are you at risk? We’ll find out today as Bro goes right to the source, with special guest Geoffrey Sanzenbacher from The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

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